A Brief Introduction

John Skinner (Manufacturing) Ltd is an independent, family run business with over 35 years experience in British Classic Car Interior Trim and Upholstery business, specialising in after-market interior upholstery trim kits for Triumph TRs, MGAs, Jaguars and Austin Healeys.

John (Senior) started the business from his home in Purton (Wiltshire) before his ever increasing client base allowed him to move to larger premises and increase his workforce. The majority of its 35 year history has been spent with its headquarters in the small Cotswold town of Cirencester. In March 2015, the company moved to more modern premises in the large Cotswold town of Cheltenham, approximately 100 miles west of London.

The Management Team

Jonathon Skinner (Junior) head shot

Jonathon Skinner (Junior)

Spending many of his Easter and Summer holidays on the factory floor; Jonathon was always destined to end up trailing his fathers footsteps into the family business, whether he knew it or not!! After graduating from University with a degree in Business Management in 2006, and a brief post-uni world tour, Jonathon took the reigns full time in 2007/2008.

Joanna Skinner head shot

Joanna Skinner

The eldest off-spring of the Skinner clan, Joanna officially joined the ranks in 2013, assisting her younger brother in the management of the company. Although she has flown the nest (name wise), she soon returns to her roots; becoming a “Skinner” again as soon as she walks through the office door! More often than not trailed by a rather dopey yellow labrador called Monty.

John Skinner (Senior) head shot

John Skinner (Senior)

John always had a passion for what have now became “classic cars”. He also enjoyed tinkering around with them. With a background which included pattern making for a clothing brand, and a keen interest and love for cars; John followed his heart and established John Skinner (Manufacturing) Ltd during the summer of 1980.

Machinery & Warehouse

CNC Machine

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We recently invested in a fully functional Computer Aided Design (CAD) CNC cutting machine which we use to cut our Hardboard and Millboard blanks. Some of our Vinyl, Leather and Carpet materials are also cut using this CNC machine, whilst others are cut by hand, in order to produce the highest quality finish for your vintage classic British car interior. It is no secret that many of these classic cars were inconsistently made due to the mid-1900 manufacturing methods; the CNC machine allows us to control, edit and update our tooling and patterns enabling us to react to customer feedback regarding the fit of the interior parts.

Clicker Press

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For many years, we have used a Clicker Press to cut out our trim panel blanks using specifically designed die cutting tools. In recent years we have re-invested into the company, and now the majority of our blanks are cut using our new CNC machine providing more consistency and accuracy. The Clicker Press is still used on a daily basis for certain tooling, including bulk cutting of small material parts including straight slit leather cloth binding used for carpet edges and seat piping. It also has the tooling capacity to allows us  to ‘crease’ our millboard blanks for easy bending. It has been, and will remain to be a loyal and reliable servant of the company.

High Frequency Welder

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Many of the interior panels and seats that we manufacture feature a high frequency ’embossed’ weld pattern on them as per original specification. John Skinner invested in a 1958 Radio Heaters High Frequency welder, and the associated brass weld tools, during the 1990s to allow us to duplicate the patterns that many Jaguar (many Saloon Door Panels), Triumph (Panels and Seats) and Austin Healey (BJ8 Panels and Seats) included as original. This is something that not many of our competitors can offer; instead supplying plain or sewn patterns to mimic the original weld patterns. Recently we invested in a more modern Relco High Frequency Welder which has improved our efficiency.

Sewing Machines

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John Skinner Ltd have a total of eight functional sewing machines, including some original Singer and Seiko machines dating back to the 1940s…they just do not make machines like they used to!! These are used for the sewn upholstery parts as well as a Binder for the carpets. All of these machines are hand / foot operated by our team of experienced sewing machinists. We also have a ‘Long Arm’ and a ‘Twin Needle’ machine allowing us to create more integrate stitches in those hard to reach areas of your upholstery. Our dedicated team of sewers work on jobs on an individual basis, and see the job from the start to the finish – we do not exercise a production line one part process system.

Keep an eye out for our JS(M)Ltd Label and Union Jack Label sewn into our Seat Covers for the sign of industry approval.

Trimming Facility

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We have a team of dedicated and experienced trimmers who work tirelessly to ensure that all our your trim panels are upholstered to the highest levels of quality that the Classic Car Restoration after market offers. Our trimmers use air powered Staple Guns and Stanley Knifes, as well as Contact Adhesive Glues, to re-trim panels cut on our state of the art CNC machine. With years of experience between them all, there are not many ‘tricks of the trade’ our trimmers do not know to achieve the best results! We take great price in our work, and like to ensure that even those ‘out of sight’ areas of the panels are still trimmed to the highest quality finish.

Look out for our JS(M)Ltd Stamp on the back of our panels for the sign of industry approval.