At John Skinner (Manufacturing) Limited, we are very proud of the upholstery trim kits that we provide for our customers and classic car enthusiasts worldwide. For many years, we have been manufacturing & supplying trim and upholstery for retail customers, professional trimmer and upholstery garages, and classic car restoration wholesales alike. As a result it is essential for you to be able to check your Trim is made by John Skinner (Manufacturing) Ltd.

Trim Panels

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We stamp most of our panels with a John Skinner (Manufacturing) Ltd logo. This has changed over the years but the most recent version looks like the photo pictured.

It is worth noting that some of our trade customers request that we do not stamp panels we supply to them. It is also worth noting that we do not stock our trade customers on an exclusive arrangement therefore they may have items manufactured by other suppliers. The only way to ensure you have a John Skinner (Manufacturing) Ltd panel is to buy them directly from ourselves.

Sewn Items

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We sew labels into most of our sewn items including seat covers, centre cushion armrests, headliners, and carpets. These labels have changed over the years. We currently sew in a John Skinner Ltd label and a Union Jack label signifying their authenticity as British manufactured goods.

As with the Panels, some of our trade customers do not necessarily purchase all of their kits from us, and some ask us not to include these labels in the kits that we supply to them. To ensure you are getting genuine John Skinner Ltd products it is best to buy directly from ourselves.

Genuine Pleats

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During our 35 year history we have made improvements to a number of our products through developing our manufacturing processes and methods. An example of this relates to the the sewn pleats found on the majority of the Seat Covers that we supply. Other interior upholsters simply imitate a pleat by sewing a stitch line down a piece of material. We actually create a slit in the backing foam and fold the vinyl or leather material into this slit and then stitch, forming a genuine pleat. Although only a small alteration, features like this set us apart from our competitors, making us an industry favourite amongst classic car enthusiasts.

Why choose a John Skinner Product?

We are renowned worldwide for being the flagship manufacturer of high-end quality interior automotive trim upholstery kits, and we have been in business for over 35 years. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors for the following reasons:

We are a family run business which has been operating from the Cotswolds in England for over 35 years.

We source our raw materials only from the highest quality materials.

We manufacture interior items ourselves – we do not shop around for the cheapest deals and buy items irrespective of quality.

We are able to offer in depth after-market advice for most of our products as we manufacture the items ourselves.

Our products are made to order and undergo a quality assurance process at every stage of manufacturing.

We have updated and amended our patterns over the years, working closely with our customers to achieve best the best possible results.

In recent years we have invested in modern machinery, including a high specification CNC machine increasing our the accuracy of our parts.

We endeavour to provide as close a match as possible between the colours offered between trim materials to ensure consistency in products using more than one material type.

It is well documented that many classic British cars exhibit manufacturing inconsistencies due to the era in which they were produced. We endeavour to ensure our trim products fit however this cannot be guaranteed for every car.