JOHN SKINNER (MANUFACTURING) LTD has been in the vintage classic car trim & upholstery business since 1980.

We are a family run, independent Interior Trim manufacturing company, catering for the Classic British Sports Car market.

We manufacture after market interior trim & upholstery restoration kits for your classic Jaguar, Austin Healey, MGA and Triumph.

We purely manufacture quality interior trim & upholstery to Original Specification, or to a more specialist custom finish. We do not sell mechanical or bodywork parts, thus we consider ourselves the experts in the industry when it comes to the upholstery and interior trim items.


  • My Healey is just about finished with your interior and a new hood. The upholstery shop told me that your kit was the best fitting one they've ever installed in a Healey. Thank for your quality work.

    Chris K, USA, 2012 - Austin Healey BJ8 Carpet Set

  • I'm very pleased with the quality and fit of the various items and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting carpets and trim for TR's.

    Mike A, UK, 2013 - Triumph TR4A IRS

  • I am delighted with the neat workmanship and colour of the leather. Daimler XJ6 owners coming this Sunday to see your good work. Thank you very much.

    Owen J, New Zealand, 2015 - Jaguar Daimler V8 250

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High Quality Materials

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Here at John Skinner (Manufacturing) Ltd, we strongly believe that in order to achieve the finest results, high quality raw materials are essential from the very start of the restoration process. As a result, we only use the best raw materials when manufacturing our interior trim and upholstery kits for your British Classic Car restoration project.

We work closely with our long standing material manufacturers to ensure the closest colour matches possible between our Vinyl (Ambla), Leathercloth (Vynide) and Leathers. The same applies to our Woven Wool and Nylon Carpets with our Furflex Draught Excluders and our West of England replica Union Cloth Headliners.

To give our customers the widest selection in originality and custom specifications, we can offer the Grain style Leather finish, in addition to the Smooth finish Leather (as per the original Connolly Vaumol).

Outstanding Craftmanship

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A John Skinner (Manufacturing) Ltd interior kit to re-upholster your Classic Jaguar, MGA, Austin Healey or Triumph offers a combination of quality, style, elegance, originality, durability and value for money that has quietly set high standards within the worldwide Classic Automotive restoration industry.

Our comprehensive kits are second to none, helped in part by our extensive collection of patterns as well as our modern CNC cutting machine. The day to day workmanship values of our company, partnered with traditional British craftsmanship, attention to detail and the completeness of our interior kits make us the choice with owners of Classic Austin Healey, Jaguar, MGA and Triumph owners, restorers and enthusiasts worldwide.

Superior Results

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As the famous saying states “the results speak for themselves,” and this is especially true in the classic car restoration market. Over our 35 year history, many of our interior kits and upholstery have been featured very favourably in industry magazines and publications, as well as Concours d’Elegance competitions in which many awards have been attained.

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Thanks to the dedication of our very satisfied customer base, we have collected a huge number of photos demonstrating the quality of our interior trim kits when fully upholstered into these vintage classics. It is through their time, dedication and feedback that we have managed to update and improve tooling, patterns and processes to enable us to manufacture the highest quality upholstery and trim for these British Classic Car enthusiasts.

Interior Trim & Upholstery Kits

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  • Austin Healey IconAustin Healey
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    Since 1980 John Skinner has been manufacturing the highest quality after market Trim and Upholstery products to fit your vintage British Jaguar Classic Sports and Saloon Cars. These include Upholstery Trimming kits and parts for your Jaguar XK (XK120, XK140 and XK150), E Type (Roadster OTS Drop Head, Two-plus-Two, and Fixed Head Coupe) and Saloon models (MK2, S Type & 420, MK10 & 420G, XJ6/XJ12, and XJS).

    We have the correct tooling to replicate the original embossed high frequency  “weld” patterns that were featured on the majority of the original Saloon car door panels. We can also emboss leather seat panels as exhibited on some E Types & all Saloon cars (except Mark 2 / Mark II cars). Very few companies can offer either of these services.

    For more information please click on the link below.

    Jaguar Kits
  • Austin Healey

    Austin Healey

    Established in 1980 to manufacture after market interior upholstery trim kits for British Classic Cars, it was not long before John Skinner added the Austin Healey “Big Healey” range to his catalogue. Focusing purely on the interior trim aspects of a vintage car restoration, we have become a leading force in the supply of products and parts to fit your classic Austin Healey 100-Four, 100-Six and 3000 models.

    We have developed our patterns and tooling so that we manufacture trim parts for the Four Seater BN4 (100-6), BT7 (3000 MK1/MK2), BJ7 (3000 MK2), and BJ8 (3000 MK3) models. In addition, we can also supply upholstery parts for the Two Seater BN1 and BN2 (100-4), as well as the BN6 (100-6) and BN7 (3000 MK1/MK2) models.

    We have the correct original tooling that allows us to offer the embossed high frequency weld patterns as featured on the Vinyl / Ambla versions of the Austin Healey BJ8 (3000 MK3) interior Quarter “B” Post Panels and Seats – very few companies can offer this service. We are also one of the only stockists of Austin Healey black / silver chrome piping (used on BJ8 seat covers) in the world.

    For more information please click on the link below.

    Austin Healey Kits
  • Triumph


    Over the course of our 35 year history, John Skinner (Manufacturing) Ltd have been manufacturing replica interior Trim Panel, Seat Cover and Carpet kits to re-upholster your Classic Triumph TR. Since our establishment we have been supplying enthusiasts, classic car clubs, professional trimmers, and major “one stop shop” wholesalers worldwide with our kits. We are well known to the official TR Register (Forum link) and its members for being one of the main suppliers of quality interior trim and upholstery kits for the Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A/B, TR4 / TR4A, TR5 / TR250 and TR6 models.

    Over the years we have invested in high frequency “weld” tooling and machines to enable us to replicate the embossed line patterns that were featured on the panel work of many of the Triumph models. These include the TR3A/B Bulkhead Panel, as well as the TR4 to TR6 Door Panels, Quarter Panels and Bulkhead Panels. Many other interior trim manufacturers can only offer a stitch line substitute for these panels; we can give our customers the option for both styles. In addition to this we can also replicate the Triumph TR5 / TR250 and TR6 “Diamond” Weld pattern, as featured on the Vinyl / Ambla Seat panels.

    For more information please click on the link below.

    Triumph TR Kits
  • MGA


    For many years, John Skinner Limited has been manufacturing replica interior Trim Panel and Seat and Carpet Upholstery kits for the Morris Garages (MG) MGA Open Two-Seater Roadster Drop Head, and MGA Coupé models. We have the correct patterns and tooling for the 1500 series Twin Cam MG A model, as well as the MGA 1600 and 1600 De-Lux Mark 1 and Mark 2 models.

    Our restoration kits include options for all the main Trim Panels, Seat Covers and Armrest Cushions, as well as main cockpit and boot / trunk carpet trims. We can also supply the fixings and foam padding kits required for your complete interior trim and upholstery restoration project.

    For more information please click on the link below.

    MGA Kits