Jaguar E Type (XK-E) Fixed Head Coupe (FHC) 3.8 litre – The Day That Started my Love Affair – Part 6

Jaguar E Type (XK-E) Fixed Head Coupe (FHC) 3.8 litre – The Day That Started my Love Affair – Part 6

Seems to be an reoccurring theme these days – and long may it continue – John Skinner (Manufacturing) Limited have been mentioned again in a feature story in the E Type Club Magazine (July 2015). This time around it is Richard Baxter, with his 1961 Jaguar E Type, or XK-E (XKE) as our cousins in North America may say, Fixed Head Coupe (FHC) 3.8 litre, writing a series of articles “The Day That Started my Love Affair” about his ground up restoration of this ’61 E Type FHC. I have attached a PDF copy of this article with the John Skinner related items highlighted.

The July 2015 edition is the sixth part in his series, and features his journey in restoring a wide variety of parts from leather key fobs, to Lucas Screen Jets; to the Hardura Rear Luggage Floor / Boot area of his car.

The latter is part is where we came to Richards assistance. A photo of this part is featured on page 13 of the article, albeit not trimmed down in place with the chrome finishers as it will eventually end up – making the part look a little untidy at present!!

I was blissfully unaware that Richard was writing these articles, until it was brought to my attention by the Jag E Type Club magazine editing staff – at some point I will get around to reading the ever growing pile of trade magazines on my desk…as you can imagine, the Spring and Summer are our busy times with everyone wanting to get the cars fitted out and upholstered with sparkling new interior trim kits, in preparation for the shows, or the sun (country dependant!); which leaves little time for pleasure reading!

We have made a variety of parts for Richard over the past couple of years. Items ordered since 2013, include a full Carpet Set, manufactured in Woven Wool, the accompanying Underseat Hardura Panels, made in…well, Hardura as the name gives away!! He also purchased the A Post Hardura Panels, in, you’ve guessed it – Hardura! As a side note, we always recommend that you purchase any “like” parts at the same time i.e. get all the “Hardura” parts at the same time, to avoid any problems with colour changes from batch to batch. Whilst we try to control this as best as we can, batches can vary slightly, so always best to play it safe and get all parts made at the same time.

Richard did exactly this and also got the Rear Luggage Floor kit, as well as the Rear Cubby Box Re-Trim Kit. The former was the part featured in this article, where it was pointed out to Richard the different spec that the E Type 3.8ltr models featured – either a Two Piece Rear Luggage Floor setup, or a One Piece setup.

As a matter of interest, the 2 Piece Rear Luggage Floor spec was featured on the Flat Floor 3.8 litre Fixed Head Coupe (FHC) models, as well as the 3.8 litre “Non” Flat Floor models during the following chassis number range:

Chassis Numbers of 860,001 to 861,092 for Right Hand Drive (RHD) models, and 885,001 to 888,256 for Left Hand Drive (LHD models).

The 1 Piece Rear Luggage Floor spec was then introduced by Sir William Lyons on the Jaguar production line. This, again, was only used on the 3.8ltr version cars, during the following chassis number range:

Chassis Numbers of 861,093+ onward for Right Hand Drive (RHD) models, and 888,257+ onward for Left Hand Drive (LHD models).

(It is worth noting that the 4.2 litre models switched to plywood boards trimmed in Leather Cloth (Rexine Vynide) materials; often supplied in Vinyl (Ambla) material in the after market).

The Rear Cubby Box Re-Trim Kit is the part that flows up and down and essentially separates the main cockpit of the car, to the rear luggage area. The materials used on this varied between the different series of E Type cars…or whatever Jaguar was feeling like on that day!! The “early” 3.8 ltr models tended to have a mixture of Vinyl (or rather “Rexine Leathercloth”) and Hardura, whereas the “later” 4.2 ltr models used Carpet instead of Hardura.

Richard also purchased our Inner Sill Re-Trim Kit, essentially pre-cut Vinyl and Foam to recover the Sill areas of you E Type, below the main Door Panels, as well as the Glove Box and moulded Dash Top Panels.

We would like to thank Richard for featuring us in his articles; and we are thrilled to hear that his finds Jonathon “ever helpful” – he’s used this quote to his favour a number of times since reading it!! Of course, we also wish to thank Richard for his initial purchases also, and hope that we can continue working with him to get his car fully restored to its original beauty (or better!).

I am going to contact Richard shortly to thank his personally, as well as request photos of his interior so that I can include these on this posting.

Until next time…

The John Skinner Team.