Jaguar E Type (XK-E) Interior Trim Upholstery Specialists

Jaguar E Type (XK-E) Interior Trim Upholstery Specialists

During the May 2014 edition of the Jaguar E-Type Club Magazine, Malcolm McKay did a feature of the specialists of the E Type (XK-E) interior trim and upholstery restoration world.

This article took an in depth look at “soft trim” that was featured on the  Roadster (Open Two Seater OTS), Fixed Head Coupe (FHC) and Two-plus-Two (2+2) Coupe E Type models. It featured thoughts on what parts of your current / original interior trim may be salvageable and what parts would most likely require replacing; and if this latter route is taken, where to purchase these kits, and what they comprise of.  Please refer to attached PDF to read this article, by clicking on the magazine Front Cover Image at the bottom of this page.

John Skinner Ltd features heavily in this article as a specialist interior trim and upholstery parts manufacturer, since our establishment in 1980.

The article two main photos of fully trimmed up E Types both belong to customers who purchased their kits from John Skinner Ltd.

The first is of a Biscuit (Light Tan) Series 1 (4.2 litre) Open Two Seater (OTS) supplied to a Belgian customer of ours back in 2011, beautifully trimmed by himself with the assistance of a local trimmer (and friend). This photo, which is on the title page of the article, and clearly shows the quality and workmanship of our interior upholstery and trim parts. A complete interior trim kit was supplied to this customer; but this photo predominately shows the Woven Wool Carpet parts, the Leather Front Seats and Centre Console Re-Trim Kit, Vinyl Inner Sills, and Hardura A Post Panels.

The second, slightly smaller, photo is also featured on the opening page of this article and features a Series 1 (4.2 litre) Fixed Head Coupe (FHC) Kit in Dark Blue. This complete trim kit was supplied to a customer of ours in Germany in 2012, and this customer opted to upgrade to a complete Leather kit. This meant that all parts that were normally / originally supplied in Vinyl (albeit Rexine Leathercloth for the anoraks out there!) were now replaced with Leather trim instead. The results were superb as you can see. This photo focusses on the rear end of the car and mainly shows the Rear Luggage Floor area, along with the Wheel Arch Covers, and the Hinge and Lock Re-Trim Kits.