Years of Manufacture: 1955 - 1962

Number Produced: 91,554

Chassis Number Range: 10,101 - 109,070 (1500 & 1600) / 501 - 2,611 (Twin Cam)

Designer: Albert Sydney (Syd) Enever

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MGA Roadster Original Colours

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Please note that there were production inconsistencies during this period, so colours should be chosen on individual basis.

Black Red, Green, Beige Red, Green, Beige
Orient Red Red, Beige, Black Red, Beige, Red
Chariot Red Red, Black Red
Iris Blue Black Light Blue
Alamo Beige Red Red
Dove Grey Red Red
Old English White Red, Black Red, White
Tyrolite Green / Ash Green Grey, Black Grey, Green
Glacier Blue Grey, Black Grey

Information from: Clausager, A. (1993) Original MGA – The Restorer’s Guide to all Roadster and Coupé models including Twin Cam – Bay View Books Ltd.

MGA Roadster / Open Two-Seater Original Colours supplied by John Skinner Ltd:

Main Trim Colour:

Piping Colour:

Colour names refer to internal John Skinner Ltd colour names, not the names MG originally used for these colours.

Please request a sample for final colour confirmation as these images may be misleading.

MGA Roadster Trim Panels

Trim Panel Kit

MGA Roadster Trim Panel Kit

Illustration Reference: 01 - 07

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Hardboard, Millboard, Piping

  • This kit includes all the main panels and re-trim kits for the Roadster (Open Two-Seater) MGA. Includes items 01 to 07 listed below.

Door Panels: Main

MGA Roadster Door Panels: Main

Illustration Reference: 01

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Hardboard, Foam

  • Pre-cut and trimmed Hardboard Panels.
  • Includes pre-cut holes for fixings.

Door Panel Pocketes

MGA Roadster Door Panel Pocketes

Illustration Reference: 02

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Millboard

  • Pre-cut, riveted and trimmed Millboard Panels, for your inner Door Panel Pocket areas.

Quarter "B" Post Panels

MGA Roadster Quarter

Illustration Reference: 03

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Millboard

  • Pre-cut and trimmed Millboard Panels for your Rear Wheel Arch Quarter Panel area.

A Post Footwell Panels

MGA Roadster A Post Footwell Panels

Illustration Reference: 04

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Union Cloth, Millboard

  • Pre-cut and trimmed Millboard Panels for the A Post Footwell area.

Cover Panels

MGA Roadster Cover Panels

Illustration Reference: 05

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Millboard

  • Pre-cut, creased and trimmed Millboard Panels for the lower cover panel section of the A Post Footwell area.

Dash Board & Trim Roll Kit

MGA Roadster Dash Board & Trim Roll Kit

Illustration Reference: 06

Materials: Leather, Vinyl

  • Pre-cut loose materials for re-trimming the Dash Board and Trim Crash Rolls.
  • Includes pre-cut Leather for the Door Tops and Quarter Elbow Cappings, for all kits.

Trim Roll Piping Kit

MGA Roadster Trim Roll Piping Kit

Illustration Reference: 07

Materials: Vinyl, Piping

  • Pre-cut and sewn piping for the trim crash roll areas, to fill in between panels and bodywork.

Trim Panel Fixing Kit

MGA Roadster Trim Panel Fixing Kit

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Metal

  • Fixing Clips used to attach your main Trim Panels to the bodywork of your car.

MGA Coupe Seat Covers & Hardware

Front Seat Cover Kit

MGA Roadster Front Seat Cover Kit

Illustration Reference: 08

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Foam

  • Fully Sewn material covers for Re-Trimming the Front Seat Cushions and Backrests.

Seat Cushion Foams

MGA Roadster Seat Cushion Foams

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Foam

  • Moulded Foam for the Front Seat Cushion Covers.

Seat Backrest Padding Kit

MGA Roadster Seat Backrest Padding Kit

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Rubberised Horsehair

  • Pre-cut rubberised horsehair for padding the Backrest Seat Covers.

Seat Backrest Boards

MGA Roadster Seat Backrest Boards

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Millboard

  • Pre-cut Millboard panels for the Front Seat Backrest backs.

Centre Cushion Armrest Kit

MGA Roadster Centre Cushion Armrest Kit

Illustration Reference: 09

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Foam

  • Fully sewn materials for the Centre Cushion Armrest.
  • Includes pre-cut Foam for the padding of the Armrest.

Sidescreen Storage Bag

MGA Roadster Sidescreen Storage Bag

Illustration Reference: 11

Materials: Leather, Vinyl

  • Pre-cut and sewn materials, creating a storage bag for the Sidescreen metalwork.
  • Includes pre-fitted metal fixing to open and close the bag.
  • Includes re-enforced material sections for extra strength, to avoid distortion over time.

Seat Wadding Kit

MGA Roadster Seat Wadding Kit

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Foam

  • Used to “pad out” small areas of the Seat Covers that the Foams cannot fill, for best results.

Seat Clips

MGA Roadster Seat Clips

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Metal

  • “U” Shaped Black Seat Clips, to help Re-Trimming your Seat Covers.

MGA Coupe Carpets & Flooring

Carpet Set

MGA Roadster Carpet Set

Illustration Reference: 10

Materials: Wool, Nylon, Karvel

  • Pre-cut, and edged with Binding, Carpet pieces for the main cockpit of your car.
  • Binding / Edging to original specification.
  • Includes “Ribbed” Heelpads on the Drivers and Passenger Side Front Floor carpets.

Underfelt Kit

MGA Roadster Underfelt Kit

Illustration Reference: 10

Materials: Felt

  • Pre-cut Felt Sound Proofing for under the carpets.

Boot / Trunk Carpet Kit

MGA Roadster Boot / Trunk Carpet Kit

Illustration Reference: 13

Materials: Wool, Nylon

  • Pre-cut and sewn materials to cover the Boot / Trunk floor and sides.
  • Includes sewing to accommodate the Petrol Fuel Pump.

Spare Wheel Cover

MGA Roadster Spare Wheel Cover

Illustration Reference: 12

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Wool, Nylon, Hardura

  • Pre-cut, edged and sewn materials creating a Spare Wheel Cover.
  • Options for Hardura and / or Carpet.

Carpet Fixing Kit

MGA Roadster Carpet Fixing Kit

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Metal

  • Fixing clips used to attach your Carpet Set to the bodywork of your car.