A Full Range of Authentic Interior Colours

John Skinner Ltd have established long lasting relationships with multiple suppliers to try and ensure the best colour matches between all of our materials. It is worth noting that due the process of manufacture, some materials can be made very similar in colour to each other, whilst others often feature a shade difference. An example of this would be Vinyl, Leather and Leather-cloths which are all dyed in a similar process so the colour can be kept relatively consist throughout these materials. However, it is harder to get an exact match between these materials (Vinyl, Leather, Leather-cloth) and materials such as Carpets which are dyed in a completely different way. You will tend to find carpets will be similar in shades to other materials such as Moquette and Furflex. Please do not be put off by these subtle differences between dissimilar material shades, as often a slight variation in the colour can result in a beautifully subtle contrast within the car.

It is also worth noting that all materials and colours can be subject to batch shade variations. Although minimal in most cases, to avoid this, we always recommend purchasing all similar material interior trim items at the same time, so that they are made from the same batch.

Please click & view the images below showing the range of materials and colours that we can offer for use during your Classic British Car Restoration.

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Note that these photos can be misleading, and they should only be used as a basic representation of the colour and grain of the material. The actual appearance may vary. For this reason we strongly recommend requesting samples for final colour confirmation.

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Leather (Grained) –

Leather (Antique Grain) –

Leather (Smooth ‘Connolly’ Grain)

Vinyl / Ambla –

Leathercloth / Vynide –

Woven Wool Carpet –

Standard Tufted Nylon Carpet –

Karvel Carpet –


Moquette –


Furflex Draught Excluder –


Hardura –

Ribbed Armacord –

(Note that Armacord is offered in the same colours as the Hardura shades, but it just features a “ribbed” texture on the face)

  (This image shows the “Ribs” featured on Armacord)

 (These images show the shades available, minus the ribs)

Headlining / Roof Liners –