Trimming Services

John Skinner (Manufacturing) Ltd is a manufacturer of interior trim & upholstery for British classic cars.

A large majority of the Trim Panels and Upholstery kits that we supply for your classic vintage Jaguar, Triumph, Austin-Healey and MGA car are ready to simply fit into your car; however, please note that we do not do not offering a fitting / trimming service for these cars. We purely manufacture interior trim and upholstery, and ship worldwide to wherever someone is in need of a restoration kit.

We do offer an in-depth before and after sales service for these parts – and we are happy to guide you, or your trimmer through the best way of fitting some of these items. We have hundreds of photos on our system of original car interiors, as well as part and fully trimmed restoration projects, that can be invaluable during the re-trimming process.

If you do not want to fit these items yourself, we would recommend that you seek the help of a professional trimmer. We recommend you talk to a few different trimmers in your local area, as one trimmer can vary in quality and price to the next. It may also be worth contacting your local classic car club, and asking any members if they have any suggestions on good trimmers that they have used in the past. It is also best, where possible, to find a trimmer who has some experience with your particular marque of car.

Useful Tip

One useful, but often over looked, tip – if you have original trim in your car, then is is always very useful.

Take many photos of this old trim, from various angles – more photos than you would ever think you would need. These give you a great reference on how the parts should look when fitted to the car. Sometimes these restoration projects can drag on, and so taking photos allows you to keep a record when your memory may fail you!!

We also recommend only “untrimming” one part at a time i.e. only take apart one Seat Cover (or other item), taking photos as you go along; and leave the opposite hand Seat Cover completely intact. By doing this, it means that you have a constant reference of how the new Seat Cover should fit and look when complete.

Only when you are 100% happy with your newly trimmed Seat Cover do you start to untrim the opposite hand.


Please see the list of companies below that we have worked with in the past, to good effect.

These suggestions cannot be taken as recommendations for quality of work.

We are not affiliated with any particular trimmer and you should satisfy yourself of the quality of work prior to instructing them to fit trim provided by us.

Macys Garage, USA

Brit Bits, Canada

Bob Anderson Automotive, Australia